September 24th, 2022

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September 24



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Tulika 9/11

Tallinn, Estonia, 10613

Music is a feeling. A vision. It’s a vibe. Electronic dance music can be funky, melodical, sensual, groovy, hard. It can be tender or strong. It can inspire you. Touch you. It can be more.


VISION is a new series of events that combines the best electronic dance music DJs, lights, visuals into an unforgettable event.

On this night 4 DJ´s show you three different corners of electronic music – melodic techno & techno, minimal, deep tech and house. They show you their vision of dance music.

The rocket takes off on 24.09 when we will turn club 9/11 into a temple of music. A temple of vision, passion, freedom, tolerance, hedonism.
Let´s get lost into the different corners of dance music. Impressive lights, decorations and sound for an unforgettable night.

The night will be led by Ken Dark, THIS//IS//MARGUS and Lene ma Rue.

Ken Dark – Will start the night with beautiful, uplifting, progressive, melodical and deep sounds. He is one of the better known DJs in Estonian underground music scene. Blurring lines between deep/tech/progressive house and techno.


THIS//IS//M∆RGUS – will follow with groovier, funkier, deeper and minimal sides of techno, house, deep tech and minimal. He combines and intervenes mystic sounds, vocal samples, trippy, deep, industrial and raw melodies to an unforgettable atmospheric and energetic mix.


Lene Ma Rue – Lene is one of the best known techno DJs in Estonia with an unique sound like no other. Playing faster kinds of techno her sets are always filled with bouncy melodies, industrial spaces pushing the sound that is at once dark and uplifting. You will surely be lost in the sound Lene Ma Rue has.


Sugar Rody

There are not any Estonian DJs who have made it to beatport top 100. Sugar Rody is one of them. He is an Estonian producer, DJ and the brains behind Dark Disco event. On VISION 01 he will not be playing any disco tho. He will do an one hour energetic, deep, mystic and uplifting techno set.

Dress code: black // dark// sensual // latex // leather

Ticket: 10 EUR

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