House residents

Dr. Mauer

Born in 1689 in Ulasabat. Worked 90 years as the family doctor for the Kwona dynasty in Persia. Escaped tyranny in 1779, and became a free spirit for 239 years. What happened after is unknown to mankind. 
Dr. Mauer is a world traveler with a passion for music since 89′. He has been to space and back, seen things that people regularly don’t see, and been to places. It all has created a legacy of experiences and emotions. Music is the main tool to share inner power, manipulate energies and deliver euphoric emotions to the floor. 
With performances in New York, Berlin, Koh Phangan, Burning Man, Stockholm, etc. – he has shared the stage along with Jan Blomqvist, Monolink, WhoMadeWho, Jeremy Olander, Guy Mantzur, Armen Miran, Marco Bailey, Amine-K, Danito&Athina, Mira, Carlita to name a few. 
Co-Founder of Gethumano:
Co-Founder and Resident at Club 9/11 –

Sound Achidect

Named after its daily profession – An architect brings the world’s experience of architecture to architecture, where it uses music to create visual images. He has been interested in underground music for many years, but thanks to the positive vibe and good mood of joining the Club 9/11 family, he started to combine these annoying sounds, trying to do it in a unique way.On his sound travels, he has walked the paths of Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House, and even the light Afro House, taking something from each pot of music to paint a personal sound image without fear of visualizing light vocal brushstrokes. These closed communities have been designed by Sound Architect in various Estonian underground clubs, on the stage of I Land Sound Sunset, and even at similar events in Tokyo.Be attentive and ready, you never know what will happen next in a new project.


Jo-L was first introduced to music in the late stages of kindergarten when he started practicing competitive dancing and throughout the 7 years of dancing, he did not like it at all. Little did he know that this period sparked a deep desire for music.
Wandering through different styles and sounds he fell in love with electronic dance music and started looking for new tunes to dance to. Then in 2015 after accidentally opening the portal of magical possibilities he started DJ’ing. Always searching for fresh new twisted melodies he aims to make you feel welcome on the dance floor with your eyes shut and channels opened for the trip about to happen.


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

For me, music is art & Art is the purest form of self-expression. It allows people to channel their complex feelings in a creative way. channeling emotions into music and expressing through it is an excellent way of dealing with emotional states.


He was a tall man in his best years. He doesn’t talk too much, but when he talks, he makes you listen, just wait a minute. He plays his music the same way. It’s deep, melodic – sometimes even weird just like himself. If you choose to listen to Tamm, be prepared for a very deep journey into your own inner world and consider that it is impossible to step down halfway. Either you’re in, or you’re out. 

Ken Dark

Without a certain destination, a journey into a world of deep melodic sounds and darker tones is Ken Dark’s never-ending journey. He is a true fan of eclecticism, and unpredictability – a DJ set should be like an American railway, where the listener is shaken up and down through different emotion.

Taavi Tiirmaa

“The club 9/11 was born in 2016 and it seemed only logical continuation that music will play a very important role in my life.

Just like life, my music is changing. It is one endless progressive process that can only be enjoyed. Also, each set is unique and is born on the spot.

Friends have told me that I have Erki Nool Syndrome: in the first attempt I put it in a tree, in the second attempt I become an Olympic winner. This means that I am a maximalist, and if I feel that the music is not flowing behind the remote, it is better not to play there at all. The keywords are depth and melodicity. I like to take the listener on a journey, not even knowing where we are going. “

Photo: Vahur Daum

I.M (Ivo Malm)

I.M (Ivo Malm) love and passion for electronic music have no borders. It can range from slow ambient, electronica, and downtempo tunes, to faster house rhythms in all its different genres and melodic techno if the setting is right. It is all about finding the right choice of tunes in the given moment and place. Together with every soul on the dance floor, we can create a magical vibe and flow of Presence. He is a partner and resident DJ in the electronic music club 911 in Tallinn. Plus helping to organize and participate in several open and private festivals and events in Estonia.

You can find his DJ mixes on Soundcloud –

Tarmo Kull

Started in the 90s, organizing parties and playing cassettes at the children’s library. The musical influences date back to the time when street raves took place on the streets and underground music reached Estonia. He plays different styles, but the main criterion is that the song is good. My favorite of the moment is melodic techno due to its novelty and charming unpretentiousness. Tarmo infects the entire dance floor with his lively energy. A man who has iron health, a joyful mind, and an indelible thirst for life. World traveler and legendary sober partyer.


“Three things are certain in life here – death, taxes, and Tarmo Kull!” that’s how his friends describe him.

Sten Roosvald

Remembering “Space, Soul and  Heart”  from ancient depths, sharing feelings and thoughts through sound language, chills, free flow, and connection-  these are the keywords that characterize Sten’s musical creation. It is an experience that captures the whole essence of allowing music to flow through itself and allow music itself to just happen, without expectations or conditions. ” V.I.


EQ is one of the founders and resident DJs at club 9/11 in Tallinn, Estonia. Mainly known for his deep progressive house sounds, EQ’s style is influenced by Burning Man culture and Berlin underground scene. What started as organising private events and festivals for a selected group of people has turned into a mission to spread the vibe and culture to a bigger audience. Today, club 9/11 plays a key role in the Estonian underground scene.

Photo: Jake Farra

Karin Maandi

Karinsmatic, resident DJ of the 9/11 club, as her name goes brings a charismatic mixture of haunting melodies with electronic up-lifting beats, usually combining different electronic genres effortlessly in her set. Her sound plays on the borderline of masculinity-femininity. She’s been building tension on the dance floor for the past 5 years. She masters both the softer sound (organic, progressive house) as well as bass line peak time melodic techno. Music has surrounded her existence since conceiving. Been carried in her mother’s belly (who is a piano teacher), her own path as a pianist, singer – that all have influenced her Djing that you can also hear in her harmonic mixing style. Music is the blood in her veins. This time she will return to the uplifting techno genre she started her Djing 5 years ago.


“I’ve always been connected to music. I’ve been a dancer for over a decade but never until now have I didn’t think of making or mixing music myself.
I think it’s the darkest of times, we find comfort in music and also the most joyful times and that was the case with me. 
I was at the right place with the right people at my darkest time and I entered the world of DJing I must confess – I simply can’t see myself without it anymore.
My passion started With Afro-house & tribal vibes and then I dived Deep into Melodic Techno/ techno music. 
Every time Im mixing music, I try to catch the vibe of the crowd and adjust my music accordingly so that people loosen up on the dance floor and enjoy it to the fullest! “

Taipo Valing

The musical roots of Taipo Valing alias DJ Type-O are deep in the world of disco, rock, and pop music of the ’70s and 80s and especially synth-pop.

House fell in love with music in the first half of the ’90s, the biggest influence on the record company Tribal America (listen to DJ Type-O Tribal America & UK special mixtape on the SoundCloud, made in the early 2000s…/dj-type-o-tribal- america-uk-93), the long career of a DJ began when he performed regularly in many raves and nightclubs. Progressive house has been considered his favorite style of music since its emergence in 1996. But deep house and techno also have their place.

From 2005-to 2013, he co-directed the show Progression with Rain Tunger on Radio 2 but has still replaced the presenter from time to time. Nightclub 9/11 resident DJ from the beginning. 

Oliver Henberg

Henberg is a dedicated music collector and vinyl collector. You will find everything in his collection. From the very soft, flying, and melodic notes of Deep House and Progressive House to the dark vibrations of Techno.

The favorite and most inspiring music producers of all time have been:

A.M.R, DP6, Lost Desert, Pablo Fierro, Volen Setir, Marsh, Khen, Nick Warren, Sven Vath, Ellen Allien etc.


JOY – a name behind the positive energy and a big smile. She is born in Tallinn, Estonia.
Being surrounded by different music styles and DJs/producers she started to find her own sound and has been playing music now for about 4,5 years.
She is also a resident DJ on DHRK Sonik, HGM World Radio, BLITZ Techno Radio, Doubleclap Radio, Radio Zagreb Techno, and Militia Underground.
Her DJ sets are full of positive energy and unstoppable power and she mostly plays hard, darker, hypnotic, and adventurous techno, but also melodic techno and progressive.
She goes with the flow. And well, it is all about JOY and you are always welcome to this journey!

Facebook DJ:

Hando Tõnumaa

It all started in 1999, as a minor when I got to work for the summer season in Tallinn rave sound engineering company as an assistant and my job was to carry and install sound systems (speakers). In addition to the financial reward, I always got to vibe along at all the parties. In addition to the house, techno, and DNB parties, I witnessed trance music in its golden age.So, I started my “DJ career” at the beginning of the zeroes, playing trance and techno from vinyl at raves. I soon discovered that these psychedelic melodies sound better with a slower beat and that’s it since then, I am first and foremost a big fan of progressive house and deep techno. It’s quite common for me to spend several weeks before a 2-hour set going through hundreds if not thousands of songs to figure out what I want to play at my set. Still, sometimes I take my USB, insert it into the mixer and make the best set without even a second of preparation.

You can most likely find me playing at private parties and sometimes rarely at public parties.