Resident Night  – EQ b2b Type-O

Resident Night – EQ b2b Type-O


August 5th, 2022

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August 5



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Tulika 9/11

Tallinn, Estonia, 10613

Throughout the past 5 years, 9/11 has been home to many DJs, now it’s time to start giving the resident DJs at our house a proper opportunity to have the night to themselves and take the audience to new dimensions.

The ultimate Father & Son B2B


Is one of the founders and resident DJs at club 9/11 in Tallinn, Estonia.
Mainly known for his deep progressive house sounds, EQ’s style is influenced by Burning Man culture and Berlin underground scene.
What started as organising private events and festivals for a selected group of people has turned into a mission to spread the vibe and culture to a bigger audience.
Today, club 9/11 plays a key role in the Estonian underground scene.

The musical roots of Taipo Valing alias DJ Type-O are deep in the world of disco, rock, and pop music of the ’70s and 80s and especially synth-pop.

House fell in love with music in the first half of the ’90s, the biggest influence on the record company Tribal America (listen to DJ Type-O Tribal America & UK special mixtape on the SoundCloud, made in the early 2000s…/dj-type-o-tribal- america-uk-93), the long career of a DJ began when he performed regularly in many raves and nightclubs. Progressive house has been considered his favorite style of music since its emergence in 1996. But deep house and techno also have their place.

From 2005-to 2013, he co-directed the show Progression with Rain Tunger on Radio 2 but has still replaced the presenter from time to time. Nightclub 9/11 resident DJ from the beginning.

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