Resident Night – Dr. Mauer

Resident Night – Dr. Mauer


March 7th, 2022

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April 2 - 22:00


April 3 - 08:00

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Tulika 9/11

Tallinn, Estonia, 10613

Throughout the past 5 years, 9/11 has been home to many DJs, now it’s time to start giving the resident DJs at our house a proper opportunity to have the night to themselves and take the audience to new dimensions with a “one-man show” event.

Born 1689 in Ulasabat. Worked 90 years as the family doctor for Kwona dynasty in Persia. Escaped tyranny 1779, became a free spirit for 239 years. What happened after is unknown to mankind.

Now, he is not hungry, he is thirsty.

Dr. Mauer is a world traveller with passion for music since 89′. He has been to space and back, seen things that people regularly don’t see and been to places. It all has created a legacy of experiences and emotions. Music is the main tool to share the inner power, manipulate energies and deliver euphoric emotions to the floor.

With performances in New York, Berlin, Koh Phangan, Burning Man, Stockholm etc. – he has shared stage along with Jan Blomqvist, Monolink, WhoMadeWho, Jeremy Olander, Guy Mantzur, Armen Miran, Marco Bailey, Amine-K, Danito&Athina, Mira, Carlita to name a few.

Music is served in a la carte style ranging from ancient downtempo, intergalactic melody to deep progressive and tribal vibes. At the right time, at the right place he could jump into Berghain as an Ghostbuster and kiss the devil with some groovy techno sounds, but usually that happens only in Hollywood blockbusters.

Co-Founder of Burning Castle –
Co-Founder and Resident at Club 9/11 –

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