TÄNA! Dr. Mauer Presents: Garden Opening w/ Jenia Tarsol (Afterlife)

TÄNA! Dr. Mauer Presents: Garden Opening w/ Jenia Tarsol (Afterlife)


May 27th, 2022

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May 27 - 20:00


May 28 - 12:00

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Tulika 9/11

Tallinn, Estonia, 10613

Buy the ticket, enjoy the ride:

We’re ready to blow your mind with a new series of dance events – Doctor’s Choice. In the series we’ll invite artists all over the world for a night long marathon to showcase music that is hot. All invited artists are FDA approved and ready to rock your shoes off.

For the opening ceremony, we drift through 3 stages – Creative Space Tallinn, Club 9/11 and renewed Garden.

I want to share a moment of respect and welcome a true maestro and underground wizard to our scene – Jenia Tarsol (Israel, Tel Aviv)

This invitation is for all the disco knights, but especially those who can call themselves techno-tourists. The ones travelling like Columbus searching for euphoria, always trying to capture the perfect moment and super high emotion on the dance floor.

You feel like the real Slim Shady, trying to loose yourself – sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t – in the beginning it was all a super-high-ride, but at one point it stops. Your awareness stands up and cut’s the illusion, while you have to dig deeper in the rabbit hole. World leading doctors describes those euphoric moments as “unicorn moments” as they seem to disappear or non-exist.

Standards rise. Like life itself.

In the series of Doctor’s Choice of disc-jockey we open it up with “…one DJ to rule them all” calibre act as the moments capured with Jenia Tarsol (Afterlife) has continuously been living in my memory lane, rent-free.

I call it “the new-wave-vibe” as it captures you like the gulf stream, while it sucks your thoughts and physical body into the Bermuda triangle.

As a DJ you cannot enjoy music and dance on the floor as a regular partygoer because you are deep diving in music almost every day. DJs on the floor are like dolphins swimming with fish and literally have one job – to select music. We all know about music categories, but to be honest, as a wiseman once said, there’s only two genres – good and bad.

There are levels. There are standards.

I’m super excited for the opportunity to invite the man himself to Tallinn and share the stage with one of the rising stars from Tel Aviv. As Barney Stinson once said – it’s going to be legendary.

The organiser is not responsible for the memories living in your head rent-free.

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits,
The ones who fuck with magic,
The rebels, the troublemakers,
The ones who has been united

We rave together,
We stay together

Dr. Mauer


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