9/11 presents: Soulwerk (ES)

9/11 presents: Soulwerk (ES)


January 11th, 2020

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February 3 - 23:00


February 4 - 08:00

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progressive house

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Tulika 9/11

Tallinn, Estonia, 10613

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9/11 presents: Soulwerk (ES, Proton Music)

Gonzalo Luque ehk SOULWERK on Hispaaniast pärit progressive house DJ ja produtsent, kelle loomingut on avaldanud sellised underground labelid nagu Proton Music, Nick Warreni Hope Recordings, Cid Inci Replug, Luis Juniori Mooseeka, Darin Epsiloni Perspectives Digital, lisaks ka Saved, Snatch!, KD Music, Sincopat, Great Stuff, Material, Biten, Lapsus jt. Soulwerki lugusid mängivad housemaailma suurnimed nagu Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, John Digweed, Guy J, D-Nox, Cid Inc, Nick Muir, Eelke Kleijn jne, seega pole üllatuseks, et Soulwerki looming ikka ja jälle Beatporti edetabelitesse jõuab ja et Põhja-Ameerikas baseeruv Proton Radio pakkus mehele juhtida igakuist autorisaadet „Koncept”.
Soulwerk mängib regulaarselt Hispaania parimates ööklubides ja festivalidel üle Euroopa nagu Space of Sound (Madrid), La Riviera (Madrid), Lanna (Asturias), Movie Music Club (Pamplona), Space Menorca (Balearic I.) ja OHM (Horvaatia).
Gonzalo Luque puhul on tegemist väga muheda tegelasega, nimelt kannab ta tihti Super Mario T-särke

Soulwerk vahetab teatepulka kodumaiste kõrvapaitajatega..
► Solid Steel (R2, Progressioon)

► Type-O (9/11, Hypnootikum)

.. ja lisaks astub üllatusena pulti Eestis elav, Brasiiliast pärit DJ Soney

► Soney (BRA)

Decoded Residents Radio with December Mix of the Month Winner – Soney

★ Pilet kuni südaööni 10€/peale südaööd 12€

★ Ööklubi 9/11 jätab endale õiguse valida klientuuri
Ööklubi 9/11 asub aadressil Tulika 9/11
Uksed 23.00


Gonzalo Luque aka Soulwerk is a spanish dj & Producer based in Madrid, this young artist begun his career years ago releasing in well known spanish Labels such as Urbana or Stereo productions, after this he has released or signed tracks for an extended list of major underground international labels like Saved, Snatch!, KD music, Sincopat, Great Stuff, Material, Biten, Lapsus among others and entering several times in the Beatport ́s Main Top 10 and even clocking up a nº 1 for more than a month with the support of top Dj ́s all around the world and being candidate on several times on different categories on the Deejay magazine Spain and Vicious Music Awards.He has also collaborated or being remixed by breakthrough talents such as Ron Costa, Alex Tepper, Ramiro Lopez, Sean Collier, Argenis Brito, Danny Serrano, Jamie Stevens, Jos & Eli…
Beside his Gonzalo profile, he decided to create Soulwerk, a way to express his most intimate concept of electronic music, his first release came courtesy of the Canadian label Whose Haus back in 2011, following this, Soulwerk´s portofolio kept growing with some of the most respected imprints of the underground scene like the prestigious Nick Warren´s Hope recordings, Cid inc ́s Label Replug, Luis Junior´s Mooseeka, Darin Epsilon´s Perspectives Digital or the north american Proton Music, being supported by top artists of the genre such as Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, John Digweed, Guy J, D-Nox, Cid Inc, Nick Muir, Markus Schulz, Eelke Kleijn,….also counting with great results on beatport top charts placing Soulwerk on the elite of electronic music industry.
In addition to this, Soulwerk is former resident artist and co-partner of the brand Electronic Colors which represents the collective of musical restless minds of Ioan Gamboa, Oscar Vazquez, Ana Molina a.k.a Anatomica, Soulwerk. The Electronic Colors brand is shaped by the upcoming label, the monthly radio show on the prestigious Proton Radio and it´s regular showcases, visiting with their hallmark some of the most respected venues all around Spain.

Soulwerk also hosts his monthly radio show “Koncept” on Proton Radio having as guests some of the most avant garde artists of the electronic panorama: Dave Seaman, Guy Mantzur, Dubspeeka, Darin Epsilon, Ramiro Lopez, Gabriel D´or & Bordoy, Stas Drive…among others
Gonzalo has been playing a regularly on the most important clubs around Spain and some of the hottest festivals in Europe like Space of Sound (Madrid) La Riviera (Madrid) Lanna (Asturias) Movie Music Club (Pamplona) Space Menorca (Balearic I.) or OHM festival (Croatia).
He likes to wear Super Mario t-shirts 
Local support:
► Solid Steel (R2, Progressioon)

► Type-O (9/11, Hypnootikum)


► Soney (BRA)

Decoded Residents Radio with December Mix of the Month Winner – Soney

★ Ticket 10€ (before midnight) / 12€ (after)

Address: Tulika 9/11
Doors 23.00

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